Hello & Welcome!

My name is Sahar and I am the founder of Sahar Artistry. I am a certified cosmetic tattoo artist and a professional makeup artist. I have been experimenting with makeup for as long as I can remember but I decided to fully immerse myself in the industry at the age of 18. Today I am proud to say that I am a professional makeup artist, 2x certified cosmetic tattoo artist, 6x certified brow artist and a business owner.

Along with makeup I was also interested in the world of fashion. At the age of 19, I began my fashion journey by enrolling in the fashion design program at the Visual College of Art of Design. During my time there, I learned about various prestigious fashion designers and studied the art of garment making. I had the opportunity to create and launch my own collection of Women’s Luxury evening wear. In 2014, I graduated with a diploma in Fashion Design.

During my time in fashion school, I was the designer, stylist, and the makeup artist for my brand. Working closely with models enabled me to keep up to date on all the latest beauty trends that would complement my hand made garments. This was when I learned that I could merge my skills together towards my ultimate goal; the goal to do everything in my power to make every individual feel beautiful and empowered.

In the span of eight years, I have had the opportunity to work for renowned cosmetic companies, which allowed me to fine tune my makeup skills and evolve into a cosmetic tattoo artist. I originally trained to tattoo brows in 2018 and have since expanded my repertoire into not only microblading and powder ombre but also temporary brow enhancements such as brow tinting/henna and also brow lamination. It has been an incredible journey; a journey has brought me here, to you.

Book your appointment today and let’s get to know each other. I can’t wait to meet you.