Signature Sahar Artistry Combination Brows

Combination brows are the product of combining Microblading and Ombre Shading. The result of microbladed strokes and soft shading come together to create beautifully sculpted yet natural brows.

The combination service consists a full microblading session, followed by Ombre Shading. The microblading portion starts by creating hair-like strokes from the start of the brows all the way to the tail. Ombre Shading is then added in areas that lack density and color. This is because the focus here is to create lots of undetectable hair strokes first and then layer ombre shading on top. This allows the artist to customize the service to meet each individual’s needs.

Combination brows are suited for ALL skintypes

Procedure Information

This procedure can take 3-4 hours. Most clients require 2 sessions to have their desired brows. Touch up appointments can be booked anytime after 6-8 weeks.