The Signature Sahar Artistry method of Healing Aftercare instructions

Day 1: Keep eyebrows dry for 24 hours. You may notice lymph discharge on your eyebrow are the procedure. For one hour after procedure, gently blot with a clean tissue to absorb any lymph fluid.

Day 2-7: After 24 hours, wash your eyebrows using a mild soap. Gently wash the area using an un-scented soap once a day. Lather the soap in by doing small circular motions with your fingers. Be sure not to rub the eyebrows.

To dry: Pat dry with a clean towel.

Day 2-7: Apply a rice grain size of the ointment provided after washing your eyebrows. Be sure to not over apply

Day 4-10: Do not pick or peel the scabs off of your eyebrows. Do not itch or rub your eyebrows, rather let them shed on their own.

DAY 01-10: Avoid brow makeup, extreme sun exposure, swimming, hot tubs/saunas and no exercise. After eyebrows are healed, apply a SPF to maintain color. Sun exposure, exfoliation, daily water and skin lighteners can contribute to eyebrows fading quicker.